Transform Your Clinic’s Future with Personal Mentorship and Advanced AI Integration

Step into the Next Generation of Aesthetic Clinics That are Stealing All the Market with Completely Bespoke Strategies and Smart Automation

Are you seeing some success but struggling to scale your Aesthetics Clinic effectively? Feel like you’re constantly caught in the chaos of daily operations while a few clinics are effortlessly earning fortunes? You’re not alone. Many successful clinics hit this growth ceiling.

Hi, I’m Dr. Hannah. Over my eight years in the Aesthetics industry, I’ve watched with both admiration and frustration as some clinics seemed to effortlessly scale up. It made me wonder: What were they doing differently? Together with my team, we dug deep, analysed trends, and uncovered their secrets. It turned out, these booming clinics had a powerful blend of cutting-edge technology, superior marketing strategies, and exceptional service.

That’s when I realised that to compete and thrive, clinics need more than just basic tools; they need a strategic integration of advanced systems, AI, and top-notch marketing.

So, I crafted a mentorship program that brings these powerful elements together. It’s designed to give your clinic a significant competitive edge by leveraging the very advancements that have transformed others from basic operations into clinics that print money.

The AI systems we implement are here to enhance our human expertise, not replace it. They ensure that every aspect of your clinic, from initial patient contact to follow-up care, is streamlined and effective. Alongside, I will work directly with you to craft a bespoke plan tailored to your clinic’s needs—mapping out every step with actionable tasks, setting clear KPIs, and even managing staff and inventory effectively. Together, we will transform your clinic into a leader in the Aesthetics market.

I’m selective about who I partner with because I commit to providing unparalleled service to each clinician. If you’re serious about elevating your clinic, apply for an exclusive spot in my program. Let’s see if we’re a good match.


Weeks 1 -4
Systems & Automations

At the outset, our expert tech team conducts a comprehensive audit and upgrade of your clinic's software and systems.

We implement cutting-edge digital sales pages, automated sales systems, and booking systems, ensuring your clinic maintains top-tier technical capabilities. By harnessing artificial intelligence, we provide you with a distinct competitive advantage.

Additionally, we keep a close watch on market trends, advising you on trending treatments that generate results and encourage repeat business.

WEEKS 5 - 9

We become deeply involved in your clinic's operations, guiding you through every aspect, from goal setting to execution. Our mentorship covers profit optimization, operational integration, staffing, and all aspects of your clinic's functions.

We also offer tailored coaching on patient consultation skills, both face-to-face and online, ensuring your team excels in client interactions. With clearly defined objectives and regular progress assessments, your clinic will be positioned for sustained growth.

Weeks 9-12

Once your sales channels are optimized and operations streamlined, we focus on refining your marketing and sales strategies to maximize revenue generation.

Our aim is to elevate cash flow and profitability, paving the way for substantial expansion.

Weeks 13-16

During this phase, we concentrate on further enhancing your clinic's services, introducing lucrative new treatments, and enhancing client satisfaction.

We develop a strategic roadmap for future growth, ensuring your clinic remains competitive in the market. Moreover, we equip your clinic with the autonomy to operate independently post-mentorship, providing you with the freedom to pursue your growth ambitions.



You benefit from our technical team responsible for handling some of the world’s leading aesthetics clinics building out your entire systems, sales funnels, staff management and bookings. This will be the automated solution to attract, nurture, sign & retain high paying clients


Personal 1-2-1 Aesthetics Mentorship zoom calls (This is not group based!)

– Completely Bespoke Strategy and task list set and updated by your Mentor

Unlimited: Private support

– Accountability: Your commitment, our support—every step of the way.


– Detailed, step-by-step video tutorials covering everything from foundational concepts to advanced tactics.

– Access to cutting-edge tools, resources, and software discounts.

-Webinars & Workshops: Regular knowledge injections from Aesthetic elites.

– Continuously updated content to keep you ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

-Aesthetics Growth Dedicated phone & desktop app


– Network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

– Share insights, challenges, and triumphs in a supportive and empowering environment.

– Sharing secret strategies that are giving the edge.


We stand out by offering live weekly sessions with elite aesthetics coaches, a vibrant community of dedicated coaches, and a comprehensive resource library.

Our coaches are experienced fitness professionals, sharing actionable insights and personalized strategies for real-world success.

Progress varies by individual, reflecting commitment and application of our strategies. Typically, members notice improvements in coaching techniques and client outcomes within the first few months.

Remember, consistent effort and adaptation are key in the dynamic field of aesthetics.

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Absolutely not. Our coaching principles and methods are universally applicable, regardless of where you’re based. The main difference might be the time zone for live sessions, but all content is accessible globally.


No prior experience is necessary. This program is designed to welcome individuals new to aesthetics as well as experienced clinicians looking to go the the next level, providing the foundational knowledge and skills needed to start your journey.